Predation in the Sub-Prime Lending Market: Montgomery County
Prepared for: Lutheran Social Services of the Miami Valley and the Predatory Lending Solutions Project

Prepared by: Richard D. Stock, Ph.D., Director, Center for Business and Economic Research
with assistance from Marvin F. Hatsfield, Patrick S. Rooney, Ryan A. Cook

November 15, 2001, 2:30 pm: Revised versions of the final report and table 6 have been posted.

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Executive Summary   PDF (41Kb)
Report (not including appendices)   PDF (134Kb)
Appendix A: Appendix Tables   PDF (68Kb)
    Table 1: Sub-Prime Lenders Relative
    Concentration at Particular Household Income Levels
  PDF (21Kb)
    Table 2: Subprime Lenders' Relative
    Concentration in Particular Ethnic Markets
  PDF (16Kb)
    Table 3: Sub-Prime Lender Mortgages Recorded
    in Montgomery County Recorder's Office 1994-August 2001
  PDF (11Kb)
    Table 4: Geographic Pattern of Sub-Prime Loans   PDF (7Kb)
    Table 5: Market Share of Sub-Prime Loans   PDF (5Kb)
    Table 6: Summary Characteristics of Sampled Mortgages
    for those Lenders with some Mortgages
    with Predatory Characteristics
  PDF (16Kb)
Appendix B: Mortgage Foreclosures
by Geographic Area 1994 and 2000
  PDF (2,980Kb)
    Ratio of Mortgage Foreclosures
    / Residential Properties, 1994-2000
  PDF (234Kb)   JPG (193Kb)
    Montgomery County - north   PDF (309Kb)   JPG (193Kb)
    Montgomery County - south   PDF (305Kb)   JPG (184Kb)
    Butler Township/Vandalia/Clayton/Englewood/Union   PDF (250Kb)   JPG (148Kb)
    Centerville/Washington Township   PDF (223Kb)   JPG (127Kb)
    Dayton   PDF (240Kb)   JPG (143Kb)
    Harrison Township   PDF (182Kb)   JPG (109Kb)
    Huber Heights   PDF (198Kb)   JPG (121Kb)
    Jefferson Township   PDF (142Kb)   JPG (114Kb)
    Kettering   PDF (210Kb)   JPG (173Kb)
    Miamisburg/West Carrollton/Miami Township   PDF (239Kb)   JPG (197Kb)
    Moraine   PDF (145Kb)   JPG (90Kb)
    Riverside   PDF (134Kb)   JPG (167Kb)
    Trotwood   PDF (186Kb)   JPG (158Kb)
Appendix C: Mortgage Foreclosures
by Company 1994 - 2001
  PDF (1,563Kb)
    Aames Capital   PDF (134Kb)   JPG (89Kb)
    Bank of America   PDF (145Kb)   JPG (80Kb)
    Bank One Financial Services   PDF (145Kb)   JPG (77Kb)
    Centex Corporation   PDF (139Kb)   JPG (73Kb)
    Citigroup   PDF (154Kb)   JPG (87Kb)
    Conseco   PDF (137Kb)   JPG (75Kb)
    Household International   PDF (146Kb)   JPG (82Kb)
    Ocwen Financial   PDF (134Kb)   JPG (74Kb)
    Transamerica Insurance and Investment   PDF (144Kb)   JPG (79Kb)
    United Companies Financial   PDF (158Kb)   JPG (88Kb)
    Washington Mutual   PDF (141Kb)   JPG (77Kb)