Don't risk your home. Watch out for predatory lending.
What is predatory lending  
predatory lending? how can you tell?
example of predatory mortgage contract
what is predatory lending?
how big is the problem here?
responsible lending principles
why is predatory lending a fair housing issue?
how can we stop predatory lending?
what is a mortgage broker?
what questions should I ask a loan officer or mortgage broker?
what can you do about predatory lending?

Update 1/1/2016: This program has been closed as a result of a lack of funding. If you are facing foreclosure on your primary residence, contact the HomeOwnership Center of Greater Dayton. If you believe you have encountered lending discrimination when attempting to secure a loan for your primary residence, MVFHC may be able to help you — to speak with us about a lending discrimination issue, call 937-223-6035.

example of predatory mortgage contract
predatory lending? how can you tell?

Predatory lending is a terrible lending practice designed to take away your home equity. If you agree to a loan based on the equity you have in your home, you could easily be putting your home at risk. Through false promises and outrageous fees, predatory lending can ruin your credit and lead to foreclosure. Home financing is a complicated world of tough language and difficult-to-understand practices.

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The presentation by Kimberly Kilby, Miami Valley Fair Housing Center’s Vice President of Legal Affairs, on “How to Recognize a Predatory Loan” is available online in HTML or PowerPoint.